Candle Oracle

Candle magic is a very powerful and ancient practice dating back to the days of the old mystery schools. Candlelight represents the symbol of fire, light, and is also considered a symbol of the soul.
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This candle oracle will provide you with a daily inspiration, offering a useful message for the day. Light the candle now and see what unfolds.


The Cat

Reserve a little more time for your pet today. Animals give us beneficial energies. If you don't have an animal at home, go into nature for a moment. Connect, ground yourself.



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For thousands of years, people have been using candles to illuminate rooms and bring light into the darkness. Candles are present in every church, temple, and spiritual event, serving as a source of light. The small flame represents the soul, light, warmth, hope, and holds a deep spiritual significance. The acceptance of spiritual power also plays a role in this symbolism.

Light removes darkness, just as knowledge dispels ignorance. Candlelight provides a warm and gentle glow, allowing a room to be enlightened while still maintaining an atmosphere of darkness. Therefore, candlelight not only represents illumination but also symbolizes the duality of light and darkness, a combination of both elemental forces. It signifies a connection between the material and the spiritual realms.

Take a deep breath, light the candlewick, and observe as the candle burns down. After a few seconds, pay attention to the message the oracle wants to convey to you today.