Tarot – Soal Plan

The plan of your goal – what kind of challenges will you encounter in your life? What is the main lesson, the main higher focus on your way of life? This is a spiritual Tarot reading.
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In this Tarot reading, you will get card representations for these aspects:

Regardless of your kind of worldview, your soul has defined specific plans for your life before your incarnation. These plans depend on your soul’s experiences and lessons learned in past lives, many of which you may not be consciously aware of. The circumstances, accidents, special people you meet, and your personal talents and abilities all provide hints about your life plans. Tarot, with its language of images and archaic principles, is perfect for revealing concepts related to your soul’s plan.

Perhaps your soul’s plans are more complex than those of other people. In this case, you may use this app from time to time to uncover sub-stages of your life’s journey. The main focus here is not on fortune-telling, material possessions, or your fate in the material world, but rather on the deeper learning tasks of your soul. Your entire life may be leading up to a single moment of Enlightenment or a transformation in your worldview. Tarot can offer visual clues for this path, assisting you in reaching your goals, understanding the meaning of life, or grasping higher spiritual concepts.