Crystal Ball

Ask the Crystal Ball every day. You will receive a special visual inspiration for today, a personal message from the Oracle. What kind of situation can you expect today?

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The Crystal Ball is a well-known tool for divination and fortune-telling. First, the fortune-teller focuses all their attention on the fuzzy shapes within the crystal. This practice induces a mild kind of trance, allowing unconscious impressions to surface. The fortune-teller will receive various visual impressions, emotions, and inspirations – all of which will come together to form a short story about the past, present, and future of the questioner.

Before crystal balls were available, fortune-tellers used black or silver mirrors with a fuzzy reflection. This type of oracle has been in use since ancient times. Today, the Crystal Ball is stereotypical for divination and fortune-telling, but most spiritual coaches mostly use other tools like tarot cards, Lenormand, pendulums, or horoscope interpretations.

By using this online Crystal Ball, you can receive messages from your own consciousness. This Oracle will show you an inspiration each day, and each questioner will get their own unique inspiration for the day. There is no need to go into a trance or interpret unclear visual reflections. You only need to click on the Ball, and after a few seconds, your message will appear.