Will he come back?

This Tarot reading will show you 6 cards for your love relationship. What is your current situation? Which influences are involved? What aspects will help you make your love come true? Is it even possible?
Also available in german 🇩🇪


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The topic of love is one of the most common in Tarot readings, yet also one of the most challenging questions to address. Enforcing love feelings and affection is not an easy task. Every individual – women and men – has the ability to make free and independent decisions. However, some love relationships are deeper than others. Love can be based solely on physical attraction, but sometimes the relationship is significant for soul-related matters and encompasses karmic aspects for both individuals.

Through this Tarot schema, you will explore deeper aspects of your love life, represented by six cards. You will gain insights into your current situation, supportive elements, and possible obstacles. You will also receive a glimpse of the probable outcome if you continue on your current path. Nevertheless, remember that you have the freedom to change your perspective and approach to love. Perhaps you can discover a unique and profound attraction, surpassing normal love relations and even stronger than a deep friendship combined with intense feelings. The Tarot provides a different point of view that can aid you in finding your true soulmate, your genuine partner for the rest of your life.