Consult the Pendulum for a wide range of questions. You can input 2 to 6 options, and the Pendulum will reveal the optimal choice for you.
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The Pendulum has been used in ancient cultures such as the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Priests employed the Pendulum to seek divine assistance and engage in divination. It has also been utilized for self-reflection and uncovering hidden information from the subconscious.

The Pendulum consists of a lightweight, elongated object suspended by a chain. The user gently holds the chain between their index finger and thumb, maintaining complete stillness. After a period of time, the Pendulum begins to move on its own. Often, a template plate beneath the Pendulum is employed, featuring options for potential answers. The swing or motion of the Pendulum indicates the appropriate answer to the user.

The primary purpose of this Pendulum Oracle is to facilitate significant decision-making. The Pendulum is believed to tap into hidden insights from higher dimensions and energies, resulting in a specific answer tailored to your situation.

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