Witchboard online

The Witchboard or Talking Board is a special kind of oracle, serving as a communication tool to the other side. Sometimes, it may reveal answers from your own consciousness, while at other times, it may convey responses from other energies. Initially designed as a game, it later became evident that the Witchboard could also be employed for communication with the other side.Also available in german 🇩🇪

Please only use this Witchboard with a strong and established personality.

It is not possible to predict who will communicate with you. There is a chance that the attempt may not succeed. Be prepared for any kind of answers and experiences. If you decide to use it – good luck, and please remember not to take anything too personally.



Best experiences have been reported to occur at night. Some energies and spirits encountered through the Witchboard may be friendly, while others may not. It is important to be aware that some spirits might attempt to persuade you to do something for them, and in such cases, you should firmly ignore any such offers. Additionally, be cautious if the board seems to embody the persona of someone well-known to you, as trusting these responses without 100% proof can be misleading.

If you ever feel uncomfortable, it is recommended to consider using a different kind of oracle. The Witchboard is best suited for individuals with a strong and established personality. The answers received can sometimes be peculiar and confusing, and unexpected emotions or feelings may arise. However, by acknowledging these potential circumstances, the Witchboard can serve as a valuable source of important insights. It may lead you to new experiences and provide access to hidden or secret knowledge.