Partnership 3 Month

The Tarot for a 3-month prediction for your partnership: What are the main topics your partnership will be faced with? What are the emotional ups and downs?
Also available in german 🇩🇪


Every partnership experiences both good times and challenging times. Each day, everyone must balance compromises, seek solutions, and address minor conflicts. The beginning of a partnership can be particularly exciting, especially if you’re unsure whether your new partner is genuinely committed to the relationship. The Tarot layout will unveil the primary themes, sources of support, and challenges for each month, with 5 cards dedicated to every month.

Over the course of three months, numerous unexpected events can unfold. While the Tarot won’t necessarily reveal every individual situation that lies ahead, analyzing the cards for each month will provide you with a sense of the overall tone and quality of that period. Of particular interest might be the third month, as it will likely reflect the culmination of your relationship’s dynamics from the preceding two months. This can be especially intriguing if your relationship is still in its early stages.

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