Lenormand the Runway

This Lenormand system, known as „The Runway,“ aims to unveil the most effective approach for attaining a specific goal. Begin by choosing the personal card (such as Lady, Man, or another card) and then select the target symbol. The resultant cards will outline the intermediate steps that warrant your attention and effort.

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„The Runway“ is a distinctive form of Tarot/Lenormand layout that requires the initial selection of both a starting and a target card. If you seek guidance for your personal path, the initial card should be either the Woman or the Man. These cards can also be employed when inquiring about others. The choice of a target card hinges on individual perspectives. For instance, if your aim is financial prosperity, the Fish card might serve as a fitting representation; if your aspiration is a home of your own, the House card could be more suitable.

In most instances, identifying the optimal representation for your desires will be relatively straightforward. Enjoy your exploration of this Lenormand oracle, The Runway.