Lemniscate Tarot

The lemniscate is an ancient symbol of eternity. The lying 8 is similar to a circle but self-similar. The underlying Tarot system uses the lemniscate to compare your relationship with a partner. This can be a love relationship, friendship, or business partnership. On the left side, you will see the intentions and different points of view of your partner. On the right side, your own driving forces and intentions will be revealed. The connecting points will show the mutual aspects between you and your partner.
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The lemniscate also has a relation to the ouroboros symbol, the self-eating snake or dragon. It points out the cyclic nature of time, the fractal organization of time. The same principle will repeat in our relationships with other people and our partners. There are always hidden and unrevealed differences, views, and intentions between people. Both partners must face these differences and find a common point of view, common intentions, and mutualities.

But it’s difficult to find common intentions if nobody is talking about them. This is the right time to ask the lemniscate tarot schema to reveal these hidden aspects, intentions, and mutualities.

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