Head Oracle

The Head Oracle will provide feedback on the aspects currently occupying your mind. Click on the head to receive a brief burst of inspiration and insight.

Also available in german 🇩🇪

This oracle harnesses the power of imagery to provide insights into three distinct aspects: the past, wishes, and targets. The past aspect delves into lingering thoughts from bygone times, while the wishes section illuminates current life themes. The target segment sheds light on ongoing tasks and aspirations.

Engaging with the oracle offers a fresh perspective on personal matters. In alternate versions, tarot or deviation cards might symbolize these aspects. However, in this iteration, the Head Oracle showcases a myriad of symbols, objects, and modern elements. For instance, spotting a refrigerator in the past section might signify conservative or stagnant topics, while a treasure trove in the wishes category could denote aspirations for wealth and prosperity. Similarly, encountering a car or airplane may symbolize efforts towards adaptability or a shift in perspective.

May this oracle spark numerous inspirations and visions as you explore its depths.

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