How well do we fit together?

A relationship between a woman and a man can have various qualities. Sometimes, the differences between each partner can be an essential aspect. Often, opposites attract one another, and these differences can complement a relationship in a great way. To gain more insight into your love relationship, choose 12 Lenormand cards.
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The future of a love relationship does not solely depend on personality and attraction; it also relies on the elements that each partner contributes to the relationship. Sometimes, these aspects can present challenges. The Lenormand cards will provide insight into the strengths, weaknesses, feelings, and soul plans of each individual. Each aspect will be represented for both partners, allowing you to see your personality and soul aspects directly alongside those of your partner. It is possible that these aspects complement each other, while at times, they might be obstructive.

Perhaps both of you are unaware of these aspects and soul plans, or you may find it difficult to discuss them with your partner. The Lenormand cards will offer an additional perspective, revealing many essential aspects about your love relationship.