Tarot NFT’s

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The Tarot is one of the greatest secrets in history. It contains in its imagery old wisdom of the reason of being, self-awareness and freedom of mind. Tarot is much more than the Hero’s journey of the Major Arcana. Tarot is a key, often the very first step of the journey of your spirituality. The origin of the Tarot is probably based on wisdom that is thousands of years old. This was preserved through the hidden imagery of the tarot through difficult ages of oppression and fighting. Some occultists place the origin of the Tarot in Egypt, others even in Atlantis.

Astrolymp is a popular spiritual platform from germany with an own Tarot-interpretation. Many thousands of visitors make use of this per day. You can do many interactive online-readings with this deck of Tarotcards and learn the meanings and some hidden secrets. This deck based on scalable vector-images, up-to-date for the age of internet and decentralisation. This NFT-based Tarot will make many people who are not interested in Tarot up to now, but are interested in NFTs, aware of the mysticism and fascination of the Tarot and spirituality.

Already have unboxed your Tarot-pack? Try your NFT-based tarot-mini-reading now:
NFT Tarot Fortune Telling

The Astrolymp-team is proud to announce to publish the complete Major- and Minor Arcana as NFT (Non-Fungible-Token – see What is an NFT* below*) on the WAX-blockchain, available on the atomichub.io marketplace. In order to realize this project, every single card was separated in several layers in order to create a state-of-the-art holographic 3D-animation. This has been done without removing the aura, the secrets and expressions of the Tarot. Each NFT contains the animated card, the static card and a third card with the most important information about this card. The Astrolymp-NFT-Tarot is a limited edition of collectables and will become tradable on several NFT-marketplaces.


Sep 1st 17:00 UTC / Sep 1st 19:00 MESZ/Berlin – Sale will only be open for 24 hours

(*) What is an NFT?

An NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) is an unique item on the blockchain.

In contrast to files that can be copied at will and distributed on the Internet, an NFT only exists once on a decentralized blockchain. Even if someone creates an own NFT with the same image, everyone can proof the creator of the NFT and its originality.

NFTs are becoming more and more important in our digital world: digital forgery-proof keys, artworks, certificates or game items. For example, while a magic sword in a computer game can be taken away from the player by the game programmer, an NFT-based magic sword invariably belongs to the player. He can collect this sword like a real object and sell it to other players on a marketplace. The NFT-owner only needs an WAX-account (here you can get a free account, if you like to), his NFT’s will appear in this wallet.

Enter the new age of NFT’s by owning a peace of this decentralized blockchain-based Tarotcards…get a peace of history.