The List Oracle: Enter your own words into your custom list. The oracle will randomly select one element from this list for you. You can input just a few words (one expression per line) or even a list with hundreds of elements.

Also available in german 🇩🇪

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Of course, this oracle can be used for more than just oracular purposes. You can also use it to organize other items, such as learning cards, exam questions, or a list of to-do tasks from which you wish to choose one. Perhaps you’d like to input a list of your old friends and randomly select one to send a message to in order to stay in touch. Many applications are possible, but remember, an oracle remains an oracle. The chosen element is not selected without a higher reason, even if that reason may not be immediately evident. The oracle operates without judgment or emotional influence, and it cannot be swayed. What’s important is that the answers it provides lead to deeper consciousness, a higher sense of purpose, and a greater understanding of the universe.