Angel Card

Your daily message from an Angel. Click in the center of the sky to see the message from one of the Angels for you. You can receive multiple Angel Cards, and the most important Angel’s message will be displayed first.
Also available in german 🇩🇪


Angels are ancient and sacred spiritual energies. They are connected with the highest power in the universe and serve as representatives, messengers, and agents of the Divine. When the symbol of an Angel is present, the Angel itself and its energy are not far away. By picking a card, you will also connect to these high energies. The message may contain encouragement, hope, and inspiration. It can also serve as a reminder to uphold your honest principles and beliefs.

In the sacred scriptures of many religions, Angels always have a special mission. They are sent to perform holy work on Earth, assisting holy women, men, and prophets. They can bring benevolent gifts and also divine wrath. There are several levels of responsibilities among Angels. We have ordinary Angels and the highest Archangels who receive messages directly from the Divine. We learn about Cherubim and Seraphim, Thrones and Choirs. All these forces observe the world and all its activities. Each individual human is important and plays a significant role in the Divine plan.

Let’s see what kind of special message you will receive today. You are also a part of the great plan, and perhaps you will receive some supernatural assistance today.